Key Benefits

Our personal accident insurance covers not only major accident resulting in death but also serious injury that can have impact on your life, earnings, expenses and create problems for dependents.

It pays lump sum compensation for any accidental death or permanent disability as a result of an accident happening anywhere in the world.

6 plans are available for CSC as given below with coverages of Rs 50000, Rs 100000 & Rs 200000

  •  3 plans – Covering only accidental death
  • 3 plans – Covering accidental death + Permanent Total Disability

Bharti AXA personal accident covers:

  •   Accidental death
  • Permanent total disablement
  • Worldwide cover

It’s easy to get your Personal Accident insurance with us:

  • Simple form to be filled
  • No documentation
  • No medical tests
  • Available for ages 18 to 65 years
  • Earning members only

Coverage details

  1.   Accidental Death only –  Accidental Death.
  2. Permanent Total Disability –I – Irrecoverable loss of- sight of both eyes, or of the actual loss by physical separation of two entire hands or two entire feet, or of one entire hand and one entire foot, or of such loss of sight of one eye and such loss of one entire hand or one entire foot.
  3. Permanent Total Disability – II –  Irrecoverable loss of use of two hands or two feet, or of one hand and one foot, or of such loss of sight of one eye and such loss of use of one hand or one foot.

Inclusions and Exclusions

1. Accidental Death
2. Permanent Total Disablement
3. Worldwide cover
1. Any pre-existing disability/accidental injury
2. Pregnancy or child birth
3. Self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide
4. Influence of Liquor or drugs
5. Venereal Disease, AIDS or insanity
6. War and nuclear risk, terrorism, criminal acts etc.
Please refer to attached policy wordings for coverages, conditions & exclusions.

Terms of Renewal

We offer lifelong renewal unless the Insured Person or any one acting on behalf of an Insured Person has acted in an improper, dishonest or fraudulent manner or any misrepresentation under or in relation to this policy or the Policy poses a moral hazard.

  • Grace Period – Grace Period of 30 days (from date of expiry of existing policy), for renewing the Policy is provided under this Policy. However, there is no coverage for injury sustained or disease contacted during the break period.
  • Maximum Age for renewal – There is no maximum cover ceasing age in this policy. Lifelong renewal is guaranteed.
  • Renewal Premium – Renewal premium is subject to change with prior approval from IRDA.
  • Sum Insured Enhancement – Sum Insured can be enhanced only at the time of renewal subject to no claim have been lodged/ paid under the policy. The enhancement can be made up to next available sum insured slab in the same plan, subject to no claim in the previous policy and Good Health Declaration, medical reports may be called if required by Company.

Claim process

Register a claim by contacting our 24 hours helpline on 080-49123900 or email us at Please intimate the help desk as soon as the claim occurs, so that we can provide you quick service.
While registering the claim, please provide the following information:
1. Name of insured
2. Policy number
3. Contact details
4. Date & time of loss
5. Location of loss
6. Nature & extent of loss
Claim form, death/disability certificate, admission/discharge summary are the basic documents required for claim settlement. Depending upon the coverage opted for, benefit under the policy will be calculated and the claim will be settled within 10 days of receipt of all documents.


Bharti AXA General Insurance is a joint venture between the Bharti Group and AXA. Bharti AXA combines the strengths of Bharti Enterprises, one of India’s leading business groups, and AXA, the global leader in financial protection and wealth management. Twin assurance for you AXA is one of the largest insurers in the world. Across the globe, AXA has covered 95 million clients, over 214,000 employees and presence in 57 countries. AXA believes in achieving operational excellence through product innovation, business expertise, distribution, quality of service and productivity.