Bajaj Allianz CSC Bachat Plus

We all want to secure our families against any odds that may force them to compromise in life. All our lives we put in every possible effort to ensure a safe future for our loved. We understand this concern and present Bajaj Allianz CSC Bachat Plus – a variable insurance plan that helps you protect your family financially from all uncertainties; that too at an affordable price.

Guaranteeing you and your family a worry free life!

Key Advantages

  • Offers Guaranteed Interest Rate (GIR)
  • Offers Guaranteed Additional Interest Rate (AIR)
  • Option for Partial Withdrawals
  • Option to alter premium payment frequency

How does the plan work?

  • A Policy Account (PA) will be opened for you at policy inception
  • The regular premium paid by you less the premium allocation charge and applicable service tax will be maintained in your Policy Account
  • Mortality charge and applicable service tax will be deducted from Policy Account every month
  • The Company offers a Guaranteed Interest Rate (GIR) of 1% per annum on the balance in Policy Account to be credited at beginning of each calendar quarter through-out your policy term
  • The Company also offers Additional Interest Rate (AIR) on the balance in Policy Accountto be credited at beginning of each calendar quarter. For the first 5 years of your policy term, AIR is 4% per annum. Thereafter, AIR will be 0.5% per annum
  • The balance in the Policy Account, which is termed as Policy Account Value (PAV) is the value of your regular premium paid less premium allocation charge, mortality charge, applicable service tax enhanced by GIR, AIR and residual additions, if any
  • Non-zero positive residual additions, if any, shall be credited to the Policy Accountin order to meet the maximum reduction in yield criteria* at the end of each policy year starting from 5th policy year
  • A specified fund shall be floated by the company for this product.The investment pattern of the fund is governed by the relevant IRDA regulation
  • Multiple policies can be issued only if all the policies issued to you under the CSC distribution, prior to the date of application of the fresh proposal for insurance, are in force.

* This criteria is as dictated by IRDA regulations.

Benefits Payable


Maturity Benefit

On the maturity date, the benefit payable will be equal to the Policy Account Value

The Maturity Benefit is subject to a minimum amount equivalent to total premiums paid, less Sum of all partial withdrawals made during the term of your policy, compounded at 1% per annum till maturity date

Death Benefit

In case of unfortunate death of the life assured, the benefit payable will be higher of:

  • (i) the Policy Account Value or
  • (ii) the Sum Assured on Death

Please note that the Sum Assured on Death is the higher of (a) Sum Assured, (b) 105% of total premiums paid till the date of death or (c) Total premiums paid till the date of death compounded at 1% p.a.

Plan parameters

Parameter Details
Minimum Entry Age 14 years
Maximum Entry Age 55 years
Maximum Age at Maturity 65 years
Sum Assured Multiplier Age less than 45 years Age greater than or equal to 45 years
10 times Annualised Premium 7 times Annualised Premium
Total Sum Assured under all Policies Rs. 2,00,000 (The total sum assured allowed on a single life assured under all policies taken under this plan cannot exceed of Rs. 200,000).
Policy Term 10 and 15 years
Premium Paying Term Equal to policy term
Premium Mode Regular Premium
Yearly Half-yearly Quarterly Monthly
Minimum (in Rs.) 1,800 900 450 150
Maximum (in Rs.) 20,000 10,000 5,000 1,665
Premium payment Frequencies Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly#

#The monthly mode will be allowed only under the salary deduction scheme and ECS

Charges under the plan

Charge Details
Premium Allocation Charge Premium Allocation Charge is expressed as a %of Regular Premium
Policy Year Premium Allocation Charge
1 20%
2 onwards Nil
Mortality Charge Sample mortality charges p.a. per thousand of Sum Assured for a healthy male is shown below:The Mortality Charge is applied on the sum at risk, which is Max [Death Benefit – PAV, zero (0)]
Age (years) 20 30 40 50
Rs. 1.13 1.34 2.35 6.52

Applicable service tax & cess will be deducted for all applicable charges.

This one pager should be read in conjunction with the Sales literature, Benefit Illustration and Policy Exclusions.

Other standard disclaimers.

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